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About Me

Born in Poughkeepsie, NY and raised in Cary, NC, I've lived in Memphis, Tennessee for the last 15 years. I studied abroad in Rome, Italy for a semester to obtain global experience. I've studied the past four years in Bethlehem, PA. I'm now based in New York, NY.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Video Game Design and Artificial Intelligence at New York University. Right now my research is focused around learning and how A.I. and Video Games can augment it. I love video games, coffee, code, dogs, and sailing.


[2017] “Press Space To Fire”: Automatic Video Game Tutorial Generation – Michael Cerny Green, Ahmed Khalifa, Gabriella A. B. Barros, and Julian Togelius – Accepted in EXAG 2017.

[2017] General Video Game Rule Generation – Ahmed Khalifa, Michael Cerny Green, Diego Perez-Liebana, and Julian Togelius – Accepted in CIG 2017.

The Stay Alive series of games was a project of mine starting in my sophomore year of college. Originally made for mobiLehigh 2014, it was one of my very first video games I ever created. Although the revamped Evolved has less than 100 downloads, it's older brother SS had well over 400 before I ceased development.

I started a blog at the beginning of my candidacy to record my thoughts and research. I don't know if anyone ever reads it, but check it out sometime.

A incredibly easy and efficient way to test AI against a large variety of simple 2d video games. A project that has been worked on by many of my colleagues, so far I have helped develop the Rule-Generation Track. I am currently working on a tutorial generation engine and (hopefully) the new Tutorial-Generation Track.

Before Spotify, I used to download all my music from youtube (mostly artists that released stuff for free like TheFatRat). Along the way I became exhausted with the heavy application based software and the online, ad-infested apps. So I made my own simple downloading tool.

After I created Cubes, I decided I wanted to build another space-themed prototype, contained within a "next-gen" Stay Alive context. Olav Broccoli is not finished in the slightest, but it is fun to mess around with 3d space, and even more fun to optimize it for phones.

Cubes was a prototype I built my junior year of college for mobiLehigh 2015. We were interviewed about it. We were awarded the Bethlehem's Choice Award for it. Cubes was my first exploration into 3d space and physics within the Unity Engine.

The more games I have worked on, the more I've dabbled in audio creation and mixing. Here are the soundtracks I've created so far for my games.

Stay Alive: Evolved Soundtrack (Album)
Cubes Soundtrack (Album)


a collection of video projects

Somewhere around my junior year I started taking videos of my friends and putting it to music. Here are some of those videos. Note, I own no professional equipment: all videos are taken on my mobile phone.

Hurricane 2016
One Quick Summer (2015)
Zoellner Sledding Moguls (2014)